I'm Chiara.

Front-end developer|Creator|Yogi|Traveler| Mentor|Totoro Fanatic| Street Art Appreciator

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I'm a front-end web developer based in Toronto, passionate about interactive, creative, and collaborative web projects. When i'm not coding, you may find me in a yoga class, biking around the city, or laughing at memes.

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BTW, these are the languages I speak:

(spanish and some german, too!)
css3 scss REACT node js jQuery Javascript HTML5 HTML5 Github

What I've Built


live github

Multi-Page PSD-Conversion for a mock client, using Responsive Design, CSS Grid, SCSS, Gulp Work Flow, j.Query, Javascript, and Illustrator.

  • CSS Grids
  • Responsive Web Design
  • SCSS
my latest portfolio piece
my first portfolio piece, a yoga interactive module. click the arrow below to access it!


live github

An interactive wellness-module that provides different stretches generated from on-click events.

  • Paired-Programming
  • Javascript
  • J.Query

Bloomon Campaign Newsletter

HTML e-mail for an agency in Amsterdam. Cross platform tested using Litmus and Mail Chimp.

  • HTML5, CSS3
my latest portfolio piece
my first portfolio piece, a screenshot on a laptop, ipad, and mobile device

bike & bean

live github

Google-Maps API & FourSquare API that generates data based on a users search: find a bike rental and a local coffee shop!

  • API
  • Es6
  • Javascript
  • Git
  • Gulp Workflow

breakfast club

live github

Register and upload your own recipes generated by Firebase Auth. Or simply browse through an array of recipes using Yummly's API.

  • React.Js
  • Firebase
  • API
  • Git
  • Gulp Workflow
a screenshot of my third portfolio piece on a laptop, ipad, and mobile device
a screenshot of my fourth portfolio piece on a laptop, ipad, and mobile device

we are modern


Coded from a PSD to Web for a mock client, using best practises, responsive design, and Adobe Illustrator to extract measurements

  • Responsive Design
  • HTML5
  • SCSS
  • BEM-Methodology

& What I've Written


Life Hacks:Tech Edition

"Here is a short and quick guide for apps, chrome add-ons, as well as helpful tips to keep your computer organized"

written by Chiara Zielinsky. Posted on 02/05/17


On design: Typography

"The types of questions one should be asking when developing, is what is the overall experience going to be?"

written by Chiara Zielinsky. Posted on 03/13/17

  • vector for measuring design

    Creative Concepts

  • hackeryou logo/document ready

    Pragmatic Programming

  • accessability W3 logo (a globe